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Course Summary
This training bundle includes our core Fusion courses that will be taught over a series of dates - Fusion Foundations, Advanced Fusion, and Practical Data Science with Fusion AI. Each topic module includes hands-on lab practice.
Those who are working on or considering implementing a revolutionary search experience. Search engineering team and day to day users of the Fusion platform.
Training 1 - Fusion Foundations
Fusion Foundations is the introductory course to Lucidworks Fusion and a pre-requisite to Advanced Fusion. Topics include Fusion architecture, ingestion, indexing, and querying. Learners will examine how search principles operate in Fusion. Discover the full extent of the platform’s distributed capabilities, construct and optimize sophisticated search and data-driven applications.
Skills and Concepts
  • Explain the features of a search application
  • Build a search application in Fusion
  • Describe Fusion architecture
  • Examine the document ingest and indexing process
  • Transform documents for the best index performance
  • Interpret Fusion queries
Course Outline
1. Introduction to Fusion Architecture
2. Fusion Features
3. Ingesting Data
4. Indexing Data
5. Query Concepts
6. Search Relevance

 Training 2 - Advanced Fusion
Expanding on topics introduced Fusion Foundations, learn to calibrate your search applications for optimal relevance. Implement custom JavaScript in Fusion Pipeline stages to build powerful and responsive scripts at Index and Query time that can enable you to ingest data and satisfy custom query requirements. You will also be introduced to Fusion SQL, which enables self-serve analytics at a massive scale.
Skills and Concepts
  • Improve search results precision and recall
  • Utilize boost factors and functions to increase relevance and leverage analytics in Fusion
  • Evaluate jobs and scheduling in Fusion
  • Use index and query profiles in Fusion
  • Use Fusion & JavaScript engine to develop index/query time custom stages
  • Summarize Fusion’s relational SQL capabilities
Course Outline
1. Advanced Query Tools
2. Fusion Jobs and Scheduling
3. Index and Query Profiles
4. Fusion JavaScript
5. SQL in Fusion
6. Signals in Fusion
Training 3 - Practical Data Science with Fusion AI
Take a deep dive into Fusion AI and machine learning techniques used to improve relevance and recommendations. Attendees will learn how to leverage Fusion AI capabilities such as signal boosting, query intent detection, recommendations, and synonym and misspelling detection. 
Skills and Concepts
  • Evaluate Machine Learning in Fusion
  • Deep dive into classification Machine Learning Jobs, their properties and use-cases
  • Explore Fusion’s query analytics capabilities
  • Analyze clustering Machine Learning in Fusion
  • Examine the power of Fusion experiments
  • Implement personalized recommendations
Course Outline
1. Machine Learning in Fusion
2. Classification: Documents and Query Intent
3. Query Analytics and Natural Language Processing
4. Document Clustering
5. Experiments
6. Recommendations
Recommended prerequisites

Frequently Asked Questions

What is remote public training? 
Public training sessions allow you to get courses delivered live by Lucidworks. Public sessions are conducted via Zoom and are highly interactive giving you the opportunity to ask questions and participate in real-time. 

Can multiple people sit in on this session? 
Yes, private sessions are great for medium to large groups (2-12 people).

What materials are provided?
Course materials are provided prior to the session, so students are able to reference them after the session.