Solr Foundations


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Course Summary
Solr Foundations is an introductory course that teaches how to build sophisticated, horizontally scalable search applications with Apache Solr, the most widely used open-source search engine that plays a key role in the modern data ecosystem. Each topic module includes hands-on lab practice.
This course is the starting point to learn Solr Open Source and is the necessary pre-requisite course for Solr Development & Solr DevOps at Scale. Anyone working with a search platform, or business users who are working on or considering a search solution implementation will benefit from this course.
Skills and Concepts
  • Understand the relevance and scoring of document results
  • Understand advanced indexing techniques
  • Learn advanced query syntax to optimize search results
  • Understand the use of advanced query parsers
  • Language and multilingual search
Course Outline
1. What is Solr
2. Solr Indexing
3. Solr Queries
4. Search Components
5. Troubleshooting & Debugging
Recommended prerequisites
  • Basic experience with Linux OS and command-line tools is helpful but not required

Frequently Asked Questions

What is remote private training? 
Private training sessions allow you to get courses delivered live and only to your company by Lucidworks. Private sessions are conducted via Zoom and are highly interactive giving you the opportunity to ask questions and participate in real-time. Private training sessions are a great option for companies with moderate to complex use cases, medium to large groups, or for those who simply learn better one on one. 

Can multiple people sit in on this session? 
Yes, private sessions are great for medium to large groups (2-12 people).

What materials are provided?
Course materials are provided prior to the session, so students are able to reference them after the session. 
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