UI Engineer Learning Path

UI Engineer Learning Path

This path outlines the courses you need to successfully administer App Studio and fulfill the UI Engineer role.

About this path

About you: You’re an analytical and creative designer who anticipates user requirements. You develop custom front-end applications that present data in a user-friendly and intuitive way to meet your user’s specific needs.   
About this path: Take a deep dive into Lucidworks App Studio; an easy-to-use solution to build search pages that highlight results and incorporate dynamic content and beautiful visualizations. This curated path includes an overview of how search works and a brief summary of Lucidworks Fusion’s architecture so you can develop custom, effective front-end applications for your data.
Please note that this path contains both free eLearning content and private instructor-led courses that need to be purchased and scheduled separately. 

Step 1


Gain a brief understanding of conceptual search elements.

  • Take our What is Search course
    • Develop a deeper understanding of search and how it can elevate your data retrieval.
  • Take our Fusion Architecture course
    • Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes with all of the Fusion Server's features? Explore the elements that could take your search experience from good to world-class!

Step 2

Foundation Building

Learn how to set up, configure, and utilize App Studio.

  • Take our App Studio course (Private instructor-led course, paid for and scheduled separately)
    • UI developers and search engineers interested in low-code UI’s with App Studio and/or Lucidworks UX. Search Project Managers, Front-end Developers, and Search Application Developers who are working on or considering a Fusion-based solution and want to considerably reduce the development time to build a custom front-end application.

Now you're ready...

You started with the basic elements of search and Fusion, then dove into the depths of App Studio, learning to build search pages that highlight results and incorporate dynamic content. Now go dive into curating beautiful visualizations and developing custom, effective front-end applications for your data.

Before you go, please take a moment to provide feedback on your learning experience here!