Administration and Support for Fusion

Administration and Support for Fusion

This path outlines the courses you need as a Managed Fusion customer to successfully support your company's search.

About this path

About you: A managed Fusion customer who supports your company’s search. 

About this path: Start with the basics and learn the inner workings of search and Lucidworks Fusion. Then get detailed guidance on how to navigate the resources available to you, including requesting promotions through Zendesk.

Step 1


Gain a brief understanding of conceptual search elements.

  • Take our What is Search course
    • Develop a deeper understanding of search and how it can elevate your data retrieval.
  • Take our Fusion Architecture course
    • Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes with all of the Fusion Server's features? Explore the elements that could take your search experience from good to world-class!

Step 2

Foundation Building

Learn how to support your organization's search. 

  • Take our Zendesk Overview course
    • Get all of the 'how-to' information you need using Zendesk, our main portal for support and access to our knowledge base.
  • Take our Managed Fusion 101 course
    • This overview course will take you through how Managed Fusion works and the processes in place for promotions.

Now you're ready...

You started with the basic elements of search and Fusion, then dove into the depths of how to navigate the resources available to you, learning how your organization and Lucidworks work together to help maintain your solution. Now go dive into optimizing your search experience so that your users have access to all the data and documents they need to improve collaboration, foster innovation, and streamline workflows. 

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